Internet safety measures for children on social media

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We live in a digital age where everyone has access to the internet and social media at their fingertips. The same goes for children as well. Social media has pros and cons, so there are certain dangers like Cyberbullying and privacy invasion that kids and teens may face when using the internet or social media. This article sheds some insight into internet safety measures and how kids can use social media wisely.

According to ExpressVPN’s survey, it was found that 29% of children in the US and 21% in the UK between ages 4-13 are allowed to use social media by their parents. But, the question that arises here is if the parents are aware of what their kids are doing online, are they even safe from the threats? Well, if you would like to know more, then read the full article below.

Dangers of the internet for children

Kids these days have become tech-savvy and use the internet for almost everything. Not being aware of the dangers makes them vulnerable to many online threats. The internet can be a wonderful place for learning new things and getting creative, but there are some dangers lurking underneath. Some of these threats are discussed below.


Cyberbullying is a threat that can be very commonly seen on social media. Teens are the ones most harassed online in the form of Cyberbullying. This online danger has been responsible for depression and loneliness among many kids and teens and even leads to suicide in some cases.

Online predators

The internet is where one can get exposed to various threats, and cyber predators are among the deadliest. It happens mainly in the form of sexual harassment and abuse. These predators gain the trust of the children they are talking with and make them indulge in illicit activities. Kids are mostly unaware that they are being harassed and sharing personal information.


Malware is a program that can be very harmful to your computer. It comprises viruses and spyware that can breach the firewall’s security and damage social media accounts and internal data. This includes collecting or deleting sensitive data, hijacking the functions of the device that you are using, and even monitoring your or your kid’s activity.

Internet safety measures that children can use to prevent  these dangers

Talking to your kids about these threats on social media is necessary, and here are some guidelines you can talk about to help them stay safe.

  • By keeping things private and choosing only to share them with your friends.
  • Don’t add or talk to strangers even if it’s tempting enough for you, and never share personal information or photos with them.
  • Create strong passwords and usernames using numbers, special characters, and uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Use parental controls to ensure your child is using social media networks and device safety.
  • Set a specific time limit, monitor their online activity, and be open to communicating with them about these things and the dangers of the internet.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your kids from these internet and social media threats can be difficult, but with open communication and using certain guidelines, it can be done. Limited access and supervision are key to online safety if you are dealing with teenagers, as they value privacy and are secretive. Parents can also invest in some protection tools to track activities and stop viruses and malware from entering the system.

As a  parent, you have to know that just like the internet is accessible at the fingertips, the safety of online threats also lies in your own hands.

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