IoT in healthcare gets much needed shot of cybersecurity

Information security risks and challenges in the healthcare industry are well documented and much maligned.

There are several reasons why the healthcare sector is particularly vulnerable, but one of the chief causations is the high amount of connected yet insecure devices commonly used within hospitals, clinics and medical centers.

For example, a report from researchers at healthcare cybersecurity company CyberMDX discovered that connected medical devices are twice as likely to be vulnerable to the BlueKeep exploit compared to other devices on hospital networks.

“Medical devices represent an especially hard challenge since these devices are now being connected to the network at all times, installed possibly in remote offices and clinics that lack resources to manage security and risk,” said David Jemmett, CEO, Cerberus Sentinel.

Solving this problem requires the medical community to recognize that cyber-threats are as real a possibility as any transmissible medical condition and look at it’s cyber-response plans in the same light as it would any medical protocol, added Tim Mackey, senior principal consultant at Synopsys.

Read more from the source: Infosecurity Magazine, Published by: Michael Hill