IoT rice cooker recognises rice type and talks to cloud

IoT rice cooker
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We receive hundreds of press releases each week here at Disruptive.Asia and occasionally some stand out as being novel, unique, interesting and remotely believable. This is one of them….

Midea has released a second-generation low-carb rice cooker combining low-carb technology and IoT technology. It is the only “low-carb rice cooker” authorized by the CHEARI (Beijing) Certification & Testing Co., Ltd. In addition to its 54 leading international patented technologies, this product also has a unique rice holder technology.

By using low-carb processes, such as scouring and boiling the rice, and scouring the rice’s natural sugars with water using a unique rice holder with hundreds of holes, it can reduce rice sugars by up to 50% and increase resistant starch by about 23%, which always meets the high-end needs of users for health and wellness. 

IoT is becoming deeply integrated into people’s various life scenarios at an unstoppable pace, becoming the focus of world attention. Midea International Group is taking IoT + OTA (over the air) upgrade technology as the core, accelerating product innovation, turning IoT from vision to reality, and letting the world enjoy the smart home era. 

At present, Midea’s low-carb rice cooker, Xiaomei smart speaker and other smart home appliances, based on IoT, big data, AI and other technologies, provide users with four smart scenario services of safety, health, convenience, and pleasure.

Thanks to IoT technology, Midea’s high-end product line COLMO series rice cookers have achieved smart identification of common rice varieties on the market, adjusting different heating curves to the rice types and completing rice recognition, measuring, washing, soaking, water adding and cooking and other operations with one click.

At the same time, the smart rice cookers manufactured support online “software cloud upgrades”, enabling ordinary smart rice cookers already purchased to be upgraded to low-carb rice cookers. Resources can be shared through the interconnection of Midea’s IoT big data platform and other smart devices.

Take blood glucose monitoring as an example. Midea teamed up with D-nurse, the professional blood glucose meter company, to monitor blood glucose data in real time and intelligently recommend healthy recipes according to the changes in the user’s blood sugar. Besides, in order to improve the taste of rice, the company also increased the rice cooking curve from more than 10,000 to more than 20,000, achieving breakthrough experience of hardware + software + content. 

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