IOT WIRE: Real estate, NB-IoT roaming and critical control point monitoring

NB-IoT roaming
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IoT action this day: SoftBank signs IoT partnership with Indonesia’s Link Net; 3 HK establishes commercial NB-IoT roaming; Vodafone Australia signs CCP as NB-IoT customer

SoftBank signs IoT partnership with Indonesia’s Link Net

SoftBank and Indonesian broadband operator PT Link Net – owned by the Lippo Group – have signed an agreement on development and deployment of IoT platforms and solutions across the real estate, healthcare and mobility ecosystems in Indonesia.

Link Net CEO Marlo Budiman said the initiatives under the agreement will initially involve the deployment of IoT devices coupled with video analytics involving homes, commercial buildings, malls, offices, streets and other areas in Link Net’s various property developments, including Lippo’s mega-development Meikarta City, Lippo Malls, & Siloam Hospitals. Read more …

3 HK establishes commercial NB-IoT roaming

3 Hong Kong announced it has activated commercial NB-IoT roaming capability with Fast EasTone’s NB-IoT network in Taiwan.

Devices with NB-IoT chips embedded – such as sensors and trackers – can be connected in countries where NB-IoT roaming-enabled networks are available.

3 Hong Kong and FET are members of the Conexus Mobile Alliance. 3 Hong Kong says it is extending the opportunity to form bilateral NB-IoT roaming partnerships with other Conexus members. Read more [PDF] …

Vodafone Australia signs CCP as NB-IoT customer

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has announced a new partnership with CCP Technologies under which CCP will deliver critical control point monitoring solutions to its customers using Vodafone’s NB-IoT network.

The two companies demonstrated the technology during a trial in May, when CCP deployed its first NB-IoT critical control point monitoring installation at Sydney International Airport.

As part of this first phase, CCP’s smart sensors were installed at Veloce Espresso to help automate the cafe’s refrigeration temperature monitoring processes, simplify record keeping for food safety compliance and provide immediate notification of changes to the refrigeration systems. Read more …

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