Iridium gets control over data usage with Openet policy solution

Image credit: Iridium

Openet announced that Iridium Communications has implemented its Policy Manager solution to impose real-time controls on data consumption and time usage across its 66 cross-linked LEOsats.

Iridium, which provides voice and data services to global enterprises for mission-critical activities via its LEOsat constellation, required a future-proof, dynamic solution to control and monetize network resources by volume in real-time.

According to Openet, Policy Manager allows Iridium to differentiate its users by class (e.g. prepaid vs. post-paid) or types of data (real time streaming vs. non-real time). Openet’s technology also enables Iridium to intelligently control data consumption and time usage. Aligning with Iridium’s core network roadmap, the solution will expand to include other types of policy controls including time of day or geography.

“Openet’s highly technical features meet our requirements, allowing us to drive revenue and remain continuously operational which is a key part of our proposition,” said Hermon Pon, vice president of technology development and network engineering at Iridium. “The company’s agile approach to policy management also allows us to focus each specific use case for data usage when we need it, making the company a dependable technology partner as we continue to future proof.”

The Iridium deal marks Openet’s third deployment with a satellite operator, said Openet CEO Niall Norton.

“As demand for satellite services and connectivity grow in emerging areas such as enterprise services and IoT, policy management is required to help satellite operators drive revenue and differentiate against competition including cellular and terrestrial networks,” said Norton. “The demand for policy controls outside of traditional telecoms networks is growing.”

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