#ITUWorld: SK Telecom showcases “Do IoT Yourself” kits

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Smart homes, smart metering, quantum cryptography and 5G powered autonomous vehicles were among the innovations showcased by SK Telecom at ITU Telecom World 2017.

During the event in Busan, South Korea, visitors were invited to discover a “Do IoT Yourself” kit – an educational kit to help explore SK Telecom’s IoT smart homes solutions, with controls for fans, lights and doors.

Smart metering applications showcased included digital water metering services to help improve flow rate, provide data usage patterns and prevent accidents from abnormal pressure, amongst other areas.

Monitoring services showed delegates how IoT can enable a cleaner environment and air, through fine dust monitoring.

CleanCube, a waste management solution, is a smart powered trash compactor, monitoring levels of trash in real time.

Lost pets can be tracked via a special collar, which can run for up to five days.

SK Telecom’s IoT services and applications are enabled over its LTE-M and LoRa-dedicated IoT networks, with over 70 IoT services expected to be deployed commercially as of end 2017.

A showcase of its quantum cryptography system demonstrated encryption solutions, based on quantum principles and 10-Gbps encryption, including a quantum random number generator.

As we progress along the road to autonomous driving, delegates were able to explore a self-driving car – introduced by the virtual “Jessica” – with cameras in mirrors, sensors, radar sensor and Nugu maps, as well as watch a video of its recent 26-km test run on the public roads.

It’s clear we can expect exciting innovations spanning different sectors and transforming our lives in a number of ways, from our smart homes to how we drive and even the air we breathe.

Via  ITU News | The original version of this article ran on the ITU Telecom World website

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