Ixia opens APAC cyber range to train IT pros in network cyber defense


Ixia has launched its Asia Pacific Executive Briefing Center (EBC) – one of three such centers in the world – to train up IT professionals to test, monitor, optimize and defend networks from cyber attacks.

Located in Ixia’s Singapore headquarters, the new EBC emulates a variety of network environments and can run simulations with data traffic flows of any volume. At the same time, the closed data environment also makes the EBC an ideal location for cyber range training sessions, said Naveen Bhat, Managing Director for Ixia in Asia Pacific

“Ixia has fitted our EBC with enterprise-grade hardware from the industry’s top vendors to offer our customers the most accurate simulation of both benign and malignant traffic to help prepare for such an attack,” Bhat said.

One of the top uses of the Ixia APAC EBC is expected to be cyber range training. A cyber range offers real world attack scenarios for cybersecurity exercises. Corporate IT teams can rehearse their roles and responsibilities under the strain of an attack, which can range from Zero Day to a massive-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This level of cyber self defense capabilities can help business leaders address current security concerns. In fact, only 45% of organizations worldwide expressed confidence in their security posture, according to Cisco Systems’ 2016 Annual Security Report.

 Meanwhile, a 2016 IDC multi-client study revealed that that more than half of the organizations surveyed are embracing cloud deployments for their application workloads. At the same time, an average-sized company uses between ten and 16 cloud-based applications. Layer on the additional use of mobile devices, and an increasingly large percentage of corporate data traffic will flow to the cloud, extending the network perimeter.

The EBC will demonstrate ways to measure the quality of experience of these real-time, business-critical applications and share best practices for maintain performance in a reliable, fast, and secure manner.

Not unexpectedly, the Ixia APAC EBC is also a one-stop demonstration arena of Ixia’s end-to-end solutions for customers.  It is also intended to facilitate industry interaction and the co-development of solutions with partners, and will promote learning and research on cybersecurity through seminars.

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