Jolla and Zipper to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain apps mobile

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Mobile OS developer Jolla and blockchain solution developer Zipper have announced a joint community program to develop a dedicated blockchain smartphone solution for easy and secure use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

Zipper also opened the pre-sale of its digital token (ZIP tokens) which will fuel the community. Jolla plans to use ZIP tokens to reward the Sailfish community and application developers on their contributions and active participation.

The blockchain community is growing fast, and there are currently more than 1,000 projects developing blockchain applications, and more than 10 million cryptocurrency users globally. While the user base growth is exponential, the user experience is lagging behind due to difficult handling of payments.

What’s missing, says Zipper founder Antti Saarnio, is a common development platform – Zipper and Jolla aim to fix that, starting with providing cryptocurrency users an easy and safe way to make daily payments via mobile.

“Blockchain enables people to become their own banks by managing their own cryptocurrency wallets, but in practice managing one’s cryptographic identity and private keys is cumbersome and requires great deal of diligence from users,” said Saarnio. “The Zipper platform makes managing one’s cryptographic identity easy, secure and automated via its decentralized key storing solution.”

Saarnio said the company will start building that experience with Jolla’s Sailfish X community program, “which provides a great development platform for the project.“

Jolla founder and CEO Sami Pienimäki added, “We want to take part in this movement by providing a solid development environment for decentralized app developers and other blockchain pioneers. Cryptocurrencies will also be an excellent way to reward the passionate Sailfish community for their contributions, a tool which we have been so far missing.”

Zipper is an open application platform for blockchain apps. In addition to Jolla, Zipper has already partnered with Swiss blockchain project Streamr, which specializes in real-time data monetization. With Streamr’s solution, instead of giving away their data for free, smartphone users could choose which data to share and be paid for sharing it to big data companies.

Zipper is also partnering with Nebulas, whose founders are among the blockchain pioneers in China, and which is building a search engine for blockchain projects – a tool that Zipper platform’s users will benefit from by being able to search the massive amounts of data in blockchains today.

The Zipper platform for Sony Xperia devices running Sailfish X will be available in Q1 2018 in collaboration with Jolla. At the same time, Zipper will make the platform available for various Android devices.

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