Jumbo Taxi teams with HKT for connectivity and mobile payments

HKT Jumbo Taxi
Image credit: HKT

Hong Kong incumbent operator HKT says it is collaborating with Jumbo Taxi to introduce connected-car and mobile-payment features it says will make taxi rides safer and more convenient.

HKT’s mobile unit CSL Mobile is providing the Jumbo Taxi fleet with a connected-car solution that will equip all vehicles with a Wi-Fi hotspot backhauled by CSL’s LTE-A network via a ZTE 4G onboard diagnostics (OBD) device, giving passengers free broadband Internet access.

The solution also tracks the taxi’s real-time location via GPS and assesses driver behavior by analyzing his/her driving patterns, with the aim of enhancing road safety.

The connected-car solution has been installed initially in 100 Jumbo Taxi vehicles and will serve the entire fleet by the end of the first quarter this year.

In addition, Jumbo Taxi drivers will begin accepting cashless payments via HKT’s Tap & Go mobile wallet service. Taxi drivers will be provided with a unique QR code for customers to scan – customers then input the fare amount and confirm the payment using the Tap & Go mobile wallet. Both the driver and the customer will instantly receive a message confirming the payment.

“We are committed to improving the quality of our taxi service – and this is the first time we have collaborated with CSL and Tap & Go,” said Jumbo Taxi founder Chow Kwok-Keung. “Introduction of connected-car and mobile payment technologies enables us to provide free Wi-Fi and mobile payment facilities in our vehicles.”

Chow added the new services would help take development of the local taxi industry “to the next level.”

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