KDDI and Couger work on PoCs for Enterprise Ethereum smart contracts

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KDDI Corp, KDDI Research and Couger have initiated proof of concept projects for smart contracts utilizing Enterprise Ethereum, a distributed application platform for enterprises.

A smart contract is a system that uses blockchain technology to insert pre-determined agreement and contract terms into a software program in a way that is difficult to tamper with or alter. When the conditions are fulfilled, they will be executed automatically.

The proof of concepts being explored by KDDI and Couger aim to extend beyond blockchains utilized by existing business and will validate business and technical issues and benefits for open services built on platforms such as Ethereum (including non-financial interactions), as well as smart contracts for coordination with partner company services.

The first step will be to validate operational productivity benefits of using blockchain to share necessary information securely and in real-time for customer service flows – for example, from the time a customer brings a handset to one of KDDI’s Au shops to the completion of the repair process.

The smart contract concept will also be tested for handset reuse services that require versatile coordination between multiple business entities. Specifically, the companies will see if the program can autonomously discern data from different systems such as repair price, model exchange price, and used handset market price to create an optimum contract.

KDDI and Couger will further explore and test ways to combine smart contracts with IoT and AI technologies to achieve new levels of closeness, value, and experiences for the customers.

KDDI also announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an alliance formed to unify Enterprise Ethereum use cases, develop standards, and develop open-source programs. The EEA currently sports more than 150 members.

In addition to working with Couger, KDDI will work with blockchain developer Trident-Arts and legal tech developer Kentauros Works, as well as other members of the EEA to create a robust next generation service platform combining AI, IoT and blockchain technologies.

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