KDDI, Samsung demo 5G handover and 8K video on a train

train shinkansen
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KDDI and Samsung Electronics say they have completed the first demonstration of 5G handover and 8K video streaming on a moving train traveling at over 100 km/hour (over 60 mph).

During the demo – which was conducted in mid-October in Saitama along a section of track where the distance between two stations was approximately 1.5 km – the companies achieved a peak data speed of 1.7 Gbps. The test also achieved successful downlink and uplink handover.

The tests utilized Samsung’s 5G pre-commercial end-to-end solution, which comprises a 5G router (CPE), radio access unit (5G Radio), virtualized RAN and virtualized core.

8K video was downloaded via the CPE installed on-board, and a 4K video, filmed on a camera mounted on the train, was uploaded successfully.

5G 8K train
Image credit: Samsung

Samsung said the demo verified potential services and use cases enabled by 5G that would be highly-beneficial to passengers and operators of high-speed trains. For example, 5G could pave the way to vastly improved backhaul for onboard Wi-Fi, passenger infotainment and increased security and analytics, said Yoshiaki Uchida, senior managing executive officer at KDDI.

“In collaboration with Samsung, KDDI has opened up the possibility for new 5G vertical business models, such as a high-speed train, he said.

KDDI is aiming to launch commercial 5G services by 2020.

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