KDDI and Samsung trial 5G in a baseball stadium in Okinawa

KDDI Samsung 5G
Image credit: Samsung

KDDI and Samsung Electronics announced they have successfully field-trialed 5G tablets on a 5G network in a baseball stadium.

Using Samsung’s 5G end-to-end solutions spanning virtualized core, virtualized RAN, access units, and multiple prototype 5G tablet devices, the trial showcased live 4K video downloaded and streamed simultaneously on the tablets using 28-GHz millimeter wave spectrum.

Samsung says it’s the first time tablets have been used to test 5G performance in Japan.

Samsung’s 5G access units with beam-forming technology were installed in Okinawa Cellular Stadium on a light tower located outside the left field fence to create 5G coverage in the direction of home plate and first and third bases. The tablets placed on seats in the coverage area were able to download and stream 4K videos.

The outcome of the stadium trial connotes advanced connectivity not only at sports events, but also in a wide variety of crowded entertainment spots, including live music concerts, exhibitions, and international conferences, leading to new viewing experiences.

“The trial is solid evidence of our potential to generate new use cases that will take user experience in sports stadiums to new heights in the 5G era,” said Yoshiaki Uchida, senior managing executive officer at KDDI

“5G holds the powerful potential to create new user experiences and business models that are more immersive and dynamic than ever before,” said Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics.

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