KDDI and Samsung set 5G land speed record

samsung kddi 5g speed record
Image credit: Samsung

KDDI and Samsung Electronics announced that they have set a 5G speed record – not in terms of data throughput, but rather the speed of the 5G terminal in a moving vehicle.

The two companies said they have completed a comprehensive set of 5G tests which they say demonstrate the viability and performance of 5G millimeter-wave mobility solutions for vehicles travelling over 190km/h – which they claim is the fastest record in the world.

The demonstration, which took place at Everland Speedway in Korea, involved a battery of individual tests to examine the performance of Samsung’s end-to-end 5G mmWave technology.

As a vehicle accelerated from 0 to 205km/h on the race track between multiple 5G base stations, the test measured and evaluated a variety of metrics, including handover interruption time, uplink and downlink throughput stability, and latency stability (a.k.a. jitter).

KDDI and Samsung also demonstrated a successful handover scenario, with Samsung’s 5G device attaching to the 5G base station as it approached the service area, and successfully being handed over to the target cell at a speed of 192km per hour.

“It is becoming increasingly important that we accelerate our focus on 5G’s ability to meet a growing number of performance metrics,” said Woojune Kim, senior VP and head of Samsung’s Next Generation Strategy in Networks Business. “Until now, peak bandwidth has been the common refrain, and certainly a big component of the future of 5G. However, the test we conducted with KDDI will help us build a more diverse portfolio of future 5G use cases.”

“The trial successfully showcased stable performance under high-speed mobility conditions which will dramatically increase the service experience of users in vehicles,” said Akira Matsunaga, Senior Director, Mobile Network Technical Development at KDDI.

In February of this year, Samsung and KDDI demonstrated 5G handover capability in an urban city environment at speeds of up to 60km/h on public roads. Both companies are in discussion with 5G trials for multiple 5G service cases.

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