Keysight provides 5G network emulation tech to DoCoMo

5G keysight docomo
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Keysight Technologies announced it has extended its collaboration with NTT DoCoMo by providing 5G network emulation solutions for characterizing and validating new 5G NR mobile devices intended to operate on DoCoMo’s 5G network.

The 5G NR network emulations solutions enable NTT DoCoMo to assess the performance of new 5G mobile devices and address new technical challenges of deploying a 5G network at mmWave frequencies.

The solutions allow users to validate the protocol signaling and RF performance of 5G NR mobile devices in a laboratory environment. Keysight’s mmWave over-the-air (OTA) test capabilities combine network emulation solutions with anechoic chamber, such as Keysight’s Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR), which is consistent with 3GPP’s decisions approving the chamber as an indirect far field test methodology.

Keysight is also collaborating with NTT DoCoMo to develop specific test scenarios for their mobile ecosystem to ensure new 5G mobile devices will operate as expected on their network. This enables NTT DoCoMo’s ecosystem to reduce R&D efforts and accelerate market introductions of new 5G mobile devices, Keysight says.

Keysight and NTT DoCoMo initiated their collaboration on 5G technology in 2015 to develop mmWave technology for effective deployment of enhanced mobile broadband services in support of key 5G use cases

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