KT reveals the fruits of its ‘Intelligent Boracay’ project

KT Boracay
Representatives of KT Corp and the Philippines government are photographed after a ceremony marking the reopening of Boracay on October 26 at Cagban Port. They include Kim Sung-In (seventh from left), Senior Vice President of KT’s Global Business Group, and Roy Cimatu (sixth from left), Philippines Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources. Image credit: KT

KT Corp says it has finished installing advanced ICT infrastructure on the Philippines’ resort island of Boracay as part of the government’s ‘Intelligent Boracay’ project.

The project includes public Wi-Fi at White Beach, as well as Cagban Port, Boracay’s gateway. Free mobile Internet access for using maps and sending text messages is now available. Cagban Port now also has intelligent CCTV cameras capable of facial recognition, in addition to a solar power system that can generate 35,000 kW of electricity annually.

A control center built at Manoc-Manoc (a five-minute walk from Cagban Port) provides real-time monitoring of the smart CCTV cameras on large display screens. KT trained the local staff to operate the video system before it went into service.

KT has also provided ICT solutions to a school and a hospital in Boracay for local residents.

A smart school solution at Balabag Elementary School provides a wireless connection between an electronic blackboard and tablet PCs that can be used by up to 30 students in one classroom. At the Ciriaco S. Tirol Hospital, an e-healthcare solution and two remote ultrasound diagnostic devices will enable real-time monitoring of diagnostic results on tablet PCs.

The holiday hotspot was closed to tourists from April until October this year while the project was ongoing. KT undertook the project in June after chairman Hwang Chang-Gyu presented a proposal to the Philippines government. The resort island’s reopening ceremony was held on October 26 at Cagban Port.

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