KT says PyeongChang 5G showcase network is ready to rumble

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ITEM: South Korean incumbent telco KT Corp says that its 5G trial network for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is ready to go – and so are its 5G exhibition halls.

The operator – which has been racing to develop its 5G network since 2015 to be ready in time for the Winter Games – unveiled the main 5G exhibition hall at Gangneung Olympic Park on Wednesday, reports the Korea Times:

“The 5G Exhibition Hall, operated by KT during the PyeongChang Olympics, will serve as an opportunity to experience a 5G future in advance,” KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu said during the opening ceremony.

“With partners such as Intel and Samsung Electronics, KT will make all efforts not only to provide the world’s first 5G trial service in PyeongChang, but also to commercialize the world’s first 5G services.”

KT will also open a second 5G showcase hall in Gwanghwamun in Seoul for people who won’t be attending the games in PyeongChang. Both will be open during the Olympics, which start February 9 and run until February 25, although the PyeongChang hall will open one day earlier on February 8.

KT will be offering five specific services running over the 5G trial network and covering different parts of the event:

  • Sync view (in which audiences can watch live 3D video from a bobsledder’s POV)
  • Interactive time slice (for the ice events, which enables viewers to watch live video at multiple angles and freeze the action)
  • Omni-point view (for the cross-country skiing competition, enabling viewers to select multiple views and track a given athlete’s performance in real time).
  • 360-degree virtual reality live broadcasting (for the ice hockey and snowboarding events – just like it says)
  • 5G connected bus (self-explanatory).

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