KT Skylife deploys Nagra watermarking to protect 4K content

Image credit: chombosan / Shutterstock.com

Kudelski Group’s Nagra announced that Korean satellite broadcaster KT Skylife will deploy its NexGuard watermarking solution for pay-TV to meet forensic watermarking requirements mandated by MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection for premium content, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR.

KT Skylife has been a Nagra customer since 2010. By expanding its partnership with Nagra, KT Skylife can now leverage NexGuard watermarking technology to meet studio requirements for the protection of high-value content.

The additional ability to expand KT Skylife content offering and increase the value of their services to their subscribers provides a competitive advantage for KT Skylife moving forward, said Stephane Le Dreau, senior vice president of Sales & Services APAC at Nagra.

Le Dreau said Nagra’s watermarking capabilities “provide KT Skylife with the added security and traceability for pay-TV providers to meet content owners’ requirements for the protection of premium content, and deter would-be pirates.”

NexGuard forensic watermarking technology adds a unique, invisible identifier to video content delivered to set-top boxes, smart TVs and other video players. It embeds a unique watermark for any video shown, making it the only way to tracing illicit re-distribution back to a specific account. The watermark remains with the content, even in the case of transcoding, resizing, downscaling, camcording or any other alteration.

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