KT, Verizon execs make 5G video call with Samsung gear

5G video call
Image credit: Samsung

KT and Verizon joined forces to demonstrate 5G solutions and use cases provided by Samsung Technologies, to include a prototype 5G tablet device and a successful live video call conducted over 5G between Minneapolis and Seoul.

The 5G video connection, which was conducted during a sponsored sport event, used a Samsung-supplied network Infrastructure composed of 28-GHz 5G access units, 5G home routers (CPEs), virtualized RAN and virtualized core network, as well as the prototype 5G device. The equipment also uses Samsung’s in-house ASIC-based 5G modems and mmWave RFICs.

The fully-functioning prototype handheld 5G tablet is capable of handling multi-gigabit speeds via 5G networks, as well as the latest 4G LTE network speeds. The prototype tablet is also capable of supporting data session handovers between 4G LTE and 5G and demonstrates advancements in chipset and antenna technology required to support future commercial devices, Samsung says.

The three companies have been working closely on 5G research and development since 2015, including in Verizon’s 5G Technical Forum (5GTF) and KT’s PyeongChang 5G Special Interest Group (5G SIG), which collectively released early 5G specifications with the aim of building a strong 5G ecosystem.

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