Level 3 expands cloud-based firewall service to APAC and Africa

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Level 3 Communications announced it is expanding its cloud-based, Adaptive Network Security firewall service to Asia Pacific and Africa.

Adaptive Network Security is a cloud-based security solution that combines next-generation firewalling capabilities – including intrusion defense systems and intrusion protection systems, anti-malware sandboxing, data loss protection, URL and web content filtering and application awareness and control – with the ability for customers to bring their own bandwidth to support a number of hybrid-networking scenarios.

Customers can access Adaptive Network Security through a constellation of security gateways distributed across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa and North America, all interconnected via Level 3’s global VPN backbone.

Adaptive Network Security provides customers visibility and control to monitor, block and report cyber attacks. Level 3 says it monitors over 1.3 billion security events across 94 billion NetFlow sessions daily, in addition to activity by over 5,000 command and control servers (C2s) and malicious IPs, creating rules to detect and block attacks.

The cloud-based architecture enables enterprises to “future-proof” their security environments by breaking the hardware dependency cycle and allowing features and functions to be custom configured, depending on a customer’s specific needs.

Level 3 says the service’s carrier-agnostic approach offers customers compatibility with, and uniform security coverage across, today’s distributed hybrid networks, from data centers and cloud deployments to branches, remote offices and mobile workers.

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