Level 3 launches DDoS scrubbing centers in APAC

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Level 3 Communications has launched DDoS mitigation solutions in the form of scrubbing centers in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore for multinational companies located in Asia-Pacific.

The new scrubbing centers are an expansion of the company’s security service functionality, providing layers of defense through enhanced network routing, rate limiting and filtering that can be paired with cloud-based scrubbing for a more comprehensive mitigation solution.

Level 3 says it opened the additional scrubbing centers to provide customers with infrastructure in the region to quickly mitigate attacks with less disruption to business operations. Level 3’s DDoS ingest capacity of 4.5 terabits per second provides a high capacity to ingest massive attacks so customers can get back to business as usual.

The service is carrier agnostic and pulls all customer traffic into Level 3’s globally located scrubbing centers for cleansing before forwarding legitimate traffic through a private connection or the public internet.

Level 3 now has 11 scrubbing centers on four continents. Other locations include São Paulo, Frankfurt, London, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. 
The operator says its 24/7 Security Operations Centers detect anomalies in global NetFlow sessions, perform impact analyses, notify customers of threatening conditions and then help them mitigate the issue.

To underline the point, Level 3 also released some new threat statistics for Asia-Pacific based on data collected from monitoring the regional threat landscape. Among the findings:

  • Asia Pacific as a region generates the third most malicious bot traffic flows on the globe
  • China and South Korea rank highest for C2 (command and control) activity, meaning they have both victim hotspots and activity hubs for malicious actors
  • IoT-compromising malware research by Level 3 Threat Research Labs reveals many connected devices are being compromised and enabling attacks reaching in excess of 600 Gbps
  • Malware victims in the Philippines doubled quarter over quarter, likely due to the influx of compromised IoT devices.

“Our customers need an adaptive approach to tackling today’s threat environment. The disciplined approach we’ve taken to monitoring the threat landscape to protect our network has put us in a unique position to work with our customers in Asia Pacific to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats,” said Level 3 CMO Anthony Christie. “Our expansive view of threats coupled with our full suite of enterprise networking services supports companies of all sizes located anywhere on the globe.”

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