Level 3 launches cloud-based Adaptive Threat Intelligence service

Level 3 Communications has launched Adaptive Threat Intelligence, a new cloud-based security solution that provides customized threat intelligence and alerts for customers by correlating customer traffic against Level 3 threat intelligence, and ranking mitigation actions for customers.

The Adaptive Threat Intelligence service leverages Level 3’s global internet visibility and a team of security experts to provide customers with the assistance of a managed service. Customers benefit from the research and findings of the Level 3 Threat Research Labs team, the mitigation expertise of the company’s security operation center (SOC) professionals and the ease of knowing which threats merit a response to the correlated and prioritized alerts.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence is a one-stop shop for customers. They no longer have to purchase reputation feeds for malicious activity, manage on-premises boxes or have in-house resources to correlate threat data and identify risks on their network.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence is a cloud-based service that handles these requirements, providing a personalized, ranked list of actual malicious communications, no hardware needed.

Sampled customer data is correlated against known malicious communications using Level 3 proprietary analysis from threat data sources, including its DNS, CDN and MSS infrastructure, and third-party data. Customers receive near real-time alerts for correlated events on their network.

Level 3 SOC experts are available to provide additional context, and if needed, to mitigate threats or escalating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The interactive near-real time reporting system also provides historical views for additional analysis.

As a global network services provider, Level 3 has an expansive view of worldwide Internet traffic and a broad view of risks. Level 3 takes action on wide-scale threats, protecting customers from known malicious actors.

The solution distills actual communications, indicators of compromise (IoC), between customers and bad actors. The customer specific event information is available in the portal, security information and event management (SIEM) systems and email alerts.

Customers benefit from having a team of Level 3 security experts to rely on for monitoring, enabling them to use their constrained security resources with greater efficiency.

Level 3 collaborates across the threat intelligence community, benefiting its network and customers. Adaptive Threat Intelligence aligns with Level 3’s other secure, efficient solutions like Adaptive Network Security and DDoS Mitigation Service.

Features include linear real-time monitoring and threat notification; portal-based, actionable, automated and context-rich reports; 24/7 SOC expert support; integrated event feed to customers’ security information and event management (SIEM) platform; and email alerts

“CIOs and CISOs I speak with tell me the landscape is complex both internally and externally. They need visibility into the threats relevant to their company so they can prioritize security initiatives, said Christina Richmond, Program Director for Security Services with the Infrastructure Services Research Group at IDC. “The key for these IT leaders is to work with a company that has a breadth and depth of threat intelligence and makes the information consumable and relevant. Level 3’s Adaptive Threat Intelligence combines customized intelligence and expertise to provide customers with actionable communications, specific to their network. With IDC predicting intelligence-based products will be ten times more valuable to enterprises by 2020, now is the time to invest in a solution.”

“Investigating threats using intelligence or reputation feeds is painful for customers. They need a smart filter for their security alerts to help them understand their priorities and to allocate resources, said Anthony Christie, Chief Marketing Officer at Level 3. “We correlate and prioritize live communications and rank the potential risks for customers, taking the burden off their IT and security teams so they can focus on their core business initiatives.”

The service builds on Level 3’s portfolio of flexible, efficient security solutions, and is available in all regions.

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