LG U+ chooses Comarch for 5G support – as a starter

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Comarch may not be the best-known software company in the Asia Pacific region but they certainly take on large projects, with short timelines. LG U+ chose Comarch, a quiet company based in Poland, with 6,000 employees, to support their 5G operations which they launched last week.

But it turns out that is just the start of the partnership.

The core of the 5G work is around analytics and big data and when Comarch says big data, they are not kidding. Their system monitors and manages fault management and signalling and the Hadoop installation, in turn supported by Cloudera, has 370 processing nodes and analyses over 100 terabytes a day. The aim is to automate as much as possible across the different environments.

The data is used to predict where work is needed on the network, which will make LG’s 5G network the most efficient it can be. The data is also used by Customer Service Representatives to solve customers’ problems, quickly. They can look at the data and see a network problem and fix it from a check list that is built into the system.

For Comarch, LG’s 5G network is just the start and as Head of Analytics, Wojciech Dziunikowski says “the 5G network was obviously a Greenfield operation, which made it easier, but our next milestone is to take down all the silos within LG’s OSS. Next is the 4G network, then the fixed line, until we can deliver one view of LG U’s networks”. As Dziunikowski says, “it is a bit like a Big Bang approach but a series of Big Bangs”.

The target is to deliver this by the end of this year.

For Comarch, telecoms is one arena and an important one, however they are active in many sectors, from healthcare to the IoT. And Dziunikowski sees synergies between the sectors becoming more and more obvious and “the advantage is that we can leverage this for our customers”.

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