LG U+ and Huawei demo dual-connectivity in 5G field test

G U+ and Huawei demo dual-connectivity in 5G field test
Image credit: Huawei

LG U+ and Huawei say they successfully achieved dual-connectivity between 5G base stations operating on sub-6-GHz and millimeter-wave bands during a 5G field test in Seoul.

In the demo, a terminal successfully connected to two base stations simultaneously – one running on the 3.5 GHz band and one at 28 GHz – for a combined downlink data speed of 20 Gbps.

The dual-connectivity verification test was conducted at a LG U+ 5G test base in Seoul. The terminal in question was vehicle-mounted.

The dual-connectivity concept revolves around the idea of allowing multiple base stations to transmit data simultaneously or alternately to a user so that they can seamlessly communicate with other users when moving between base stations. (Put simply, it’s what enables handoff between base stations so the connection is uninterrupted for the user.)

Dual connectivity isn’t just for 5G-to-5G base stations – it can also enable handoff between LTE base stations and 5G base stations. Huawei demoed the latter near the end of last year. Ericsson staged its own 4G/5G dual connectivity demo in 2015.

LG U+ has previously used a laboratory environment to verify dual-connectivity technology between 4G base stations.

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