LG U+ taps Juniper Networks to launch NFV-based routing solution

Credit: Titima Ongkantong / Shutterstock.com

Juniper Networks announced that South Korean operator LG U+ has successfully rolled out what it claims is Korea’s first-ever carrier-grade virtual routing deployment as part of a broad infrastructure solution supporting its evolution towards 5G.

Two specific technology requirements were defined by LG U+ for evaluation – virtual routing and OpenStack-based NFV orchestration. From a business perspective, given that there were previously no public virtual routing reference deployments in Korea, LG U+ wanted a partner with a proven track record to provide guidance and support on the project.

LG U+ eventually selected Juniper’s virtual route reflector capability within the vMX and EX4300/EX2200 Ethernet Switches as the best solution for the 5G project. (LG U+ is already a Juniper customer – the operator has deployed the company’s MX960 3D Universal Edge Router in their existing network.)

Juniper’s virtual routing solution offers two key features that addressed major resiliency objectives for LG U+, including auto recovery (the ability to automatically recognize network errors and then dynamically create a new virtual router immediately in order to ensure seamless service continuity) and auto healing (the ability to prevent system overload if operator-defined maximum CPU and memory utilization values are exceeded).

Juniper’s solution also supports third-party hosted operating systems, hypervisors and orchestration tools, while also providing modular customization. Juniper has also enabled IPv6 routing, anti-hacking and anti-DDoS attack services in LG U+’s NFV infrastructure, with additional features that could be added in the future.

Jae-ho Choi, general manager for the Transport Platform Development Team at LG U+, said the commercial launch of a carrier-grade NFV-based router “will enable us to not only drastically improve our routing performance, but provide greater stability and a more diverse range of services for our customers.”

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