LG Uplus hooks up with iBasis IPX for LTE roaming

lte roaming
Image credit: Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com

KPN-owned iBasis announced that it has signed a multi- service agreement with South Korea’s LG Uplus to connect to the iBasis IPX network for signaling and data connectivity to enable LTE roaming services.

The services will run on iBasis’ IPX network, a multiservice, global IP network that delivers voice and data services. It also adds LG Uplus network to the iBasis global LTE footprint, which includes more than 550 LTE destinations in 180 countries.

“With the massive demand for 4G services, it’s critical to partner with a strong and reliable IPX provider to cope with roaming traffic growth and quality demands,” said Dave Choi, Roaming Director of LG Uplus.

“We’re very pleased to add operators like LG Uplus to our rapidly growing global footprint of connected LTE operators,” said Feddo Hazewindus, President and CEO of iBasis. “We believe that together, we are at the forefront of accommodating the exponential growth of 4G service demand, including the worldwide expansion of VoLTE services and building the right foundation for 5G and IoT connectivity.”

By operating all services over its IPX network, iBasis says it offers its LTE customers an integral approach and clear roadmap to full LTE connectivity: LTE signaling, LTE data and VoLTE, enhanced with analytics.

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