Is Life on Mars in the foreseeable future?

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There is a lot of speculation about Mars at the moment. Elon Musk wants to take us there, NASA wants to bring back some soil from Mars (at enormous cost) and an eminent scientist is wondering whether we are, in fact, descended from Martians.

At the same time, there is more speculation about the planet itself. There is seismic activity on Mars, say some. There is a strange glow in the sky above Mars. There are more and more reasons why we should decamp to Mars and live there – over population, not enough food (let’s all go vegan) and probably the coronavirus as well.

You have to wonder, though, why (and why now) there is a renewed interest on Mars, Martians and aliens.

What is interesting is that the ideas are no longer coming from people who should be in cartoons or a planet which is flat but from astronauts and scientists. We are now, for instance, allowed to be told that there is a strong and consistent radio signal coming from a nearby galaxy (well, it’s not exactly Sydney but close enough). An astronaut is sure that aliens are amongst us, we just can’t see them.

And, of course, scientists who are on board the Martian train are saying that we cannot tell whether they actually exist because they are hiding underground.

All of which seems a little too convenient but is always a compelling conversation.

The question, perhaps, is how soon we can go and have a look for ourselves. Elon Musk is saying that he is going to be able to get tourists into space next year. NASA – we think – is about to restart some serious space journeys. And with everything that is going on here on earth, you would be forgiven for thinking that someone is trying to get rid of us – you know, to save the planet.

Sadly, with the technological hype of the last few years beginning to look a little jaded and with, for example, autonomous cars suffering a big set back, it may be some time before we leave the earth and much longer before someone takes another big step for Mankind.

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