Lockheed Martin and NEC to take AI into outer space

lockheed martin space AI NEC
Image credit: Vadim Sadovski / Shutterstock.com

NEC has announced that Lockheed Martin will use its AI-powered analytics engine, SIAT (System Invariant Analysis Technology), in space for various apps.

SIAT uses data collected from sensors to learn the behavior of systems, including computer systems, power plants, factories and buildings, enabling the system itself to automatically detect inconsistencies and prescribe resolutions.

NEC said the Lockheed Martin deal will enable new opportunities in developing enhanced integrated satellite and spacecraft operations with uniquely developed prescriptive analytics. These include rapid assessments of changes in performance and the space environment, such as the potential influence of space weather on electronics. With this information, operators can improve product performance and lifecycle efficiency.

“AI can revolutionize how we use information from space, both in orbit and on deep space missions, including crewed missions to Mars and beyond,” said Carl Marchetto, vice president of New Ventures at Lockheed Martin Space.

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