M1 launches network-based smartphone malware detection service

smartphone malware
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Singaporean cellco M1 has launched a network-based mobile malware detection solution that checks devices accessing the network for signs that they may be infected.

The solution, M1 Mobile Guard, is powered by Nokia’s NetGuard Endpoint Security solution.

If Mobile Guard detects that a customer’s device has been compromised, it will trigger an SMS and email alert to the customer’s registered mobile number and e-mail address explaining what the malware is, the impact it may have, and how to rectify the situation.

Affected customers can use the bundled Trend Micro Mobile Security app to scan their device and remove the malware. Customers who haven’t downloaded the app will get a download link and license key for it.

M1 malware detection
Image credit: Nokia

M1 chief innovation officer Alex Tan claims that Mobile Guard is the first service in Singapore – and in fact all of Asia – to offer always-on, end-to-end network-driven malware protection, “helping customers perform a device health assessment, detecting and alerting customers to a threat, and helping them eliminate any threat found.”

Nicolas Bouverot, head of Asia South at Nokia, explained that because smartphones have become an essential part of users’ lives, used to make financial transactions, and a store for personal and professional information, it has also become a prime target for malware, with smartphone infections growing 400% in 2016. “There has been a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of malware attacks over the last few years.”

M1 is offering the malware solution to customers for S$2 a month. The cellco also said it is working with device partners to bundle Mobile Guard with selected handsets.

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