M1 and StarHub to expand mobile infrastructure sharing ties

infrastructure sharing
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Singaporean mobile operators M1 and StarHub Mobile have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) study potential further collaboration in mobile infrastructure sharing, with a focus on sharing radio access network, backhaul and access assets.

For many years, M1 and StarHub have already been sharing mobile infrastructure through mutual cooperation, including the combined antenna systems, in-building fibre and tunnel cables.

The aim of deeper mobile network cooperation under the new MoU is to enable both companies to optimize use of certain network elements through sharing, and improve network coverage and capacity for the benefit of their respective customers.

Network traffic will continue to be managed independently by the operators.

Pooling of network resources will allow M1 and StarHub to roll out more cost effective next-generation networks to meet fast growing demand of mobile data services.

“We are cooperating to bring the Singapore infocomm industry to the next level, to compete not on pure infrastructure ownership, but at a higher level of customer service and innovative value creation,” said StarHub CEO Tan Tong Hai. “Sharing mobile network radio elements with M1, but keeping our individual mobile core networks, will allow StarHub to provide better mobile service – in particular, mobile coverage – and still be able to differentiate ourselves.”

M1 CEO Karen Kooi added, “When realized, this could lower our operational and capital expenditures for both M1 and StarHub, so that we can run our existing mobile services efficiently, and still be able to invest in future technologies to keep Singapore at the forefront of the infocomm industry.”

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