M1 launches managed video surveillance service for enterprises

M1 surveillance
Image credit: Yellow Cat / Shutterstock.com

Singaporean operator M1 announced the launch of its new cloud-based video surveillance service for corporates using its fiber broadband service.

The video surveillance service is a secure end-to-end fully integrated solution that enables business owners to focus on growing their businesses, while M1 provides the surveillance technology to help them self-monitor and safeguard their business assets, as well as track business activities.

With a low initial set-up fee and round-the-clock in-house technical support and helpdesk services provided by M1, the service enables companies to have access to high-definition video footage. All video data are stored and processed in a private cloud in M1’s data center. Users can remotely view, record and manage their videos over the Internet.

M1 has partnered with Hikvision to provide a range of high-definition indoor, outdoor and zoom cameras that suit the needs of each business. M1 says it will also be collaborating with partners to support video analytics with artificial intelligence capabilities.

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