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Machines, Asia And Fintech – Rise of Globalization and Protectionism as a Consequence

The world is going through a turbulent time. The new US administration’s policies, potential trade wars and the rise of Asia are going to together have a fundamental influence on the world’s development, yet they are underpinned by longer term changes in the world’s power dynamics.

When examining paradigm changes, it’s important to separate the long and short term, since both may have different winners and losers. Maybe the most pressing question on global policies, is whether the aim is to find win- win solutions or return to zero-sum policies.

Technological development and grassroots globalization are forces that no political leader can halt. The current situation with competing globalization and anti-globalization forces make it more important for companies to really consider their international strategies.

New global finance services (fintech) and the fourth industrial revolution are important parts of this development. In the past, industrial revolutions have caused political destabilization, new political movements and even civil wars.

Machines make many traditional jobs redundant, starting from blue collar jobs, but also in more sophisticated roles in the near future. It is no longer easy to know the global sourcing, production and ownership networks of companies.

The rise of Asia and global networks cover most products in the world. The service industry is growing and in need of more workers. Yet, people, jobs and competence don’t always line up with one another with professional identity, attitudes and location also playing a significant role in the dynamically evolving ecosystem that tends to leave some behind as it strives towards the future.

A truck driver isn’t going to jump at the chance of teaching English in China; it may even be an impossibility. We’re faced with a fundamental paradigm shift in the world. Industrial changes have created new political ideologies and birthed revolutions in the past.

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