Market reality check: 211 operators investing in 5G

Image credit: Dirk Ercken |

According to new research by consultancy company Hadden Telecoms, at least 211 operators are investing in various 5G programs in 87 countries.

Their investments encompass a wide range of practical activities, depending on the individual operator, covering network deployments, studies, technology testing, demonstrations, pilot trials etc., and include 15 operators that have now commercially launched 5G service. 

The full list of 211 operators investing in 5G is shown below:

Alan Hadden, Director, Hadden Telecoms Ltd said: “Operators globally are preparing for the large-scale introduction of 5G, the first services have launched, and the devices ecosystem is rapidly building and poised for the imminent scale availability of a range of smartphone models. Dozens more operators are expected to launch their respective 5G services in the coming 12 months.”

Earlier this month Hadden Telecoms published its list of 22 announced 5G user devices, featured here.

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