Megaport virtualizes Layer 3 connectivity with cloud router service

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Megaport has announced the launch of Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), a virtual router service that enables customers to rapidly and privately connect at Layer 3 without the need to own or manage routers or physical infrastructure.

By removing administrative and ownership complexities, MCR makes it easier for companies to connect to cloud services, expand their service footprint through virtual PoPs, and peer with ecosystem partners around the world without the need to physically deploy network infrastructure, Megaport says.

Companies that are ‘born in the cloud’ can utilize advanced IP routing capabilities without the need to own routers or physical infrastructure and maintain their all virtualized services.

MCR enables cloud to cloud connectivity, allowing Megaport customers to move workloads and data between cloud service provider (CSP) environments to achieve their optimum cloud solution and support hybrid cloud and multicloud architectures.

Customers can create virtual routers within routing zones around the world to enable global coverage and support localised routing decisions.

MCR eliminates the need to acquire public IP address space and administer an autonomous system, and reduces administrative and operational complexities involved with managing a Layer 3 network.

MCR is fully integrated into the Megaport SDN and provides ease of use for configuring Layer 3 connectivity to service providers and locations in the Megaport Ecosystem via the Megaportal, said Megaport CEO Vincent English.

“As a ‘Network-as-a-Service’ company, it’s imperative that Megaport continues to innovate solutions that abstract complexities in the network buying experience,” said English. “We’ve moved further up the stack by expanding our SDN’s capabilities to address Layer 3 IP routing and support a broader set of customers with varying technical capabilities and business needs.”

With MCR, there’s no need for a deep understanding of Layer 3 intricacies to take advantage of IP routing features, he added. “Cloud to cloud connectivity is one of several new use cases unlocked by MCR which provides powerful options for enterprises architecting next-generation multicloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Our customers can move beyond the constraints of their physical network and rapidly establish virtual PoPs to unlock unique peering and interconnection opportunities around the world.”

Megaport Cloud Router
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