MG Motor India boards metaverse bandwagon with ‘MGverse’

MG Motor
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MG Motor India has joined the metaverse bandwagon with its own platform called MGverse, becoming the first such auto manufacturer in India to take the metaverse plunge as it looks for more ways to strengthen its relations with GenZ.

MG Motor’s metaverse platform will provide an immersive experience to its customers and stakeholders through multiple arenas, combining multiple virtual spaces into a single platform. The platform will allow users to collaborate, list, and transact with NFTs, as well as create their own NFTs.

The platform will also enable the user to personalize, accessorize and build their MG vehicle in the MGverse. It will also allow customers to take a virtual test drive in the cities and streets of their preference.

MGverse will also allow customers to book their MG cars from their homes, as well as buy MG merchandise.

MG Motor is also betting on gaming to engage users. The platform will have a gaming arena, which will allow users to choose a racetrack to race MG cars or play other games.

MG Motor has been pursuing digital strategies for some time – the carmaker previously launched digital solutions such as MG ePay, NFTs, and Car as a Platform.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer of MG Motor India, said in a statement that the MGverse is its latest a step forward in the digital realm where MG Motor and its partners can explore, innovate, improvise, and develop new solutions.

“This initiative will help us further strengthen our relationship with GenZ and Gen Alpha. With MGverse, we will build upon our virtual customer experience content to familiarize the future generation with innovative brand experiences,” Gupta said.

The MGverse will be accessible on mobile as well as other web browsers. MG Motor intends to make it available for VR headsets. The platform will be executed in phases, with the first phase being implemented during the coming Diwali festival.

Alongside MGverse, MG Motor has also come up with MG Knowledge Centre, which will provide opportunities to its employees and partners for upskilling and attending virtual training sessions, conferences and meetings.

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