Microsoft brings blockchain to Taiwan’s sports industry via Azure platform

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These men have brought blockchain to the sports industry and they'll punch anyone who says otherwise. Source: Microsoft Taiwan

Blockchain isn’t just for FinTech services – Microsoft has just brought the technology into the sports industry in Taiwan via an alliance with AMIS, Taiwan Triathlon Co, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) and Fubon Financial Holdings to establish a sports blockchain called BraveLog.

BraveLog – which leverages Microsoft’s recently launched Azure BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform – is an activity sharing platform that records sports events and player profiles. The blockchain structure for BraveLog was developed by AMIS, while ITRI developed the front channel.

In the financial sector, blockchain enables features such as unalterable and irreplaceable data, distributed storage and shared ledgers, etc. Microsoft says any industry with similar requirements can adopt blockchain, and that includes the sports sector. From the press release:

Focusing on the participating player himself, the sports blockchain aims to record sports events and establish the sports CV of the player. With the credibility and availability of the data at its core, the sports blockchain differentiates itself by providing a player-based rather than an event-based enquiry structure.

In the future, sports data can be accessed across multiple devices, which will enable players to understand their capabilities, manage their personal training journey effectively, design training plan accordingly, so as to achieve the goal of facilitating sports experience and expand the spectrum of the sports industry.

Taiwan Triathlon will officially initiate BraveLog at the Garmin Lava Dapeng Bay Triathlon on January 7th. BraveLog will keep track of data on-site and provide competition results for participants. Meanwhile, those results will also be added to the 2017 LAVA series competition and provide participants with an exclusive personal participation CV.  

Future blockchain-based apps for BraveLog include a social platform for players and integration with existing sign-up and payment systems. Microsoft says BraveLog can also serve as a reference for coaches to train athletes and cultivate elite national players by utilizing big data.

Jerry Gong, EPG Lead for Microsoft Taiwan, said in a statement that the company will continue efforts to expand application of Azure’s BaaS platform to more industries and scenarios. “Furthering from the FinTech blockchain, Microsoft Azure also collaborates with medical services, supply chain, the food industry and other sectors in the development of blockchain technology.”

Gong adds that blockchain services in different industry sectors can also be interconnected to work together:

For example, in terms of compensation calculation and premium adjustment, blockchain sports data stored in the cloud can be integrated with insurance and medical services, and generate insurance models that are true to people’s needs.

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