Microsoft chatbot Xiaoice is now a fashion designer, apparently

Xiaoice fashion
One of the fashion patterns created by the Xiaoice AI chatbot. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft announced that its Chinese AI chatbot Xiaoice, is now ostensibly a fashion designer, having developed new prints for the fashion industry by partnering with CTIC (China Textile Information Center) and CTDC (China Textiles Development Center).

Xiaoice can now create patterns based on words, themes or key colours. Her new capabilities are currently available for customers in the fashion and design industry. Microsoft says Xiaoice’s new designing capability is a breakthrough in the field of image-based creation. Her artwork is developed through inspirations and simulations – just like a human does. Today, she is able to mine context, tonality and emotions from text to create unique patterns within seconds.

Through consistent and intensive learning, Xiaoice has acquired understanding of shapes, colors and textures of common objects in the physical world. She can determine the spatial positional relationship between different objects. It allows her to come up with abstract spatial drawings and outlines of objects.

“Artistic prints and patterns are very important elements for fashion trends. It is definitely exciting to know that Xiaoice can develop immaculate designs for production of fabrics or ready-to-wear collections. These designs are extremely popular among younger generations who can hardly imagine their lives without Xiaoice.” Said Li Binhong, president of CTDC. “In an industry where trends can rapidly evolve on a day-to-day basis, AI will help us to stay ahead of competition and deliver highly creative collections in record time. It definitely tackles the urgent transformation requirement of the fashion industry.”

In cooperation with the CTIC and CTDC, Xiaoice has designed new prints for the 2019/20 season based on color trends data from the Centers.

At the industry fair China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories 2018, Xiaoice’s designs were adopted by textile manufacturers and displayed by fair organizer CTIC at its most popular trend pavilion. They transposed her ideas into ready-to-wear pieces and printed fabrics.

In addition, Xiaoice also composed poems to accompany her designs, which showcased the breadth of content creation capabilities enabled by AI. According to Microsoft, Xiaoice has aleady published a collection of poems, “The Sunshine Lost Windows”, composed and released dozens of songs, and has hosted several TV and radio programs.

Launched in 2014, Xiaoice is the AI system developed by STCA based on an empathic computing framework. Through the comprehensive application of algorithms, cloud computing and big data, Xiaoice has adopted the intergenerational upgrade method to form a complete AI system, augmenting Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Intelligent Quotient (IQ).

Xiaoice currently has more than 660 million users. Her market applications include AI chatbot, intelligent voice assistant, AI creation content provider, and a series of vertical domain solutions, covering more than 40 platforms in five markets.

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