MobiCom links with KHUR for fingerprint authentication

Mobicom KHUR
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Mongolian telco MobiCom has introduced fingerprint authentication for contract signups that is enabled by compatibility between the government’s KHUR state information exchange system and MobiCom’s sales management system.

This compatibility enables MobiCom to provide more than 100 service offerings to Mongolian customers who are able to complete the personal ID authentication process using fingerprint verification only, eliminating the need to present an ID card.

Linking with KHUR also enables MobiCom’s sales outlets and back-office operations to save time and effort in managing customer ID card information and constructing the necessary database.

MobiCom – a subsidiary of Japanese operator KDDI – says it’s the first telecoms service provider to be compatible with KHUR.

KHUR was developed as an integrated national population database managed by government authorities for registration, taxation, social insurance, and other services for improved utility and transparency. The system uses an open-source platform to ensure connectivity with private-sector firms that meet compliance standards.

The Mongolian national ID card is issued free of charge and includes personal information such as a digital photograph and fingerprints, which is securely stored to an embedded microprocessor. By linking its sales management system to KHUR, MobiCom can use information integrated with KHUR to enable personal ID authentication through fingerprint verification alone.

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