Latest mobile network experience report for Malaysia

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Opensignal has published its latest Mobile Network Experience Report for Malaysia – the definitive guide to understanding the true experience Malaysians receive from the country’s six main mobile operators.

While Opensignal does not name any operator as the ‘best’ overall, the report reveals strong performances from Celcom and Digi, each claiming six first-place finishes. 

Users experience the fastest overall speeds on Celcom’s network

Celcom wins the Download Speed Experience with a score of 26.3Mbps — 0.4Mbps ahead of second-placed Maxis. Digi, which won the award in the previous report, slips into third place. While all Malaysian operators have seen increased scores since the previous report, Celcom saw the largest — a whopping 15.2Mbps (136%) — allowing it to take the first-place position. Celcom is also the winner of Upload Speed Experience, scoring 8.2Mbps. Previous winner U Mobile comes just behind Celcom, with a score of 7.9Mbps, and Maxis is in third place. Celcom users saw the greatest increase in average upload speed between reports, gaining 3.6Mbps (76.2%).

Our Malaysian users see a massive uplift in average download speed when connected to 5G

For the first time in an Opensignal Malaysian mobile network experience report, 5G experiential metrics have been included in the awards table. Digi picks up the first instance of 5G Download Speed with a blisteringly fast score of 440.7Mbps, 62.6Mbps ahead of second-placed Unifi’s still impressive score of 378.1Mbps. Digi shares the 5G Upload Speed award with U Mobile and Celcom, as the three operators have statistically tied scores of 42.8-44.3Mbps. Even more impressive is the uplift in speed that 5G networks generate — our Digi users see 18.7 times faster average download speeds with a 5G connection than their overall download speeds. Upload speed also benefits from a large boost when connected to 5G, with users on Yes’ network observing average 5G upload speeds that are 10.4 times faster than their overall upload speeds.

Yes wins both availability awards outright

Yes keeps hold of its award for Availability and also steps onto the winners’ podium for 5G Availability. Yes’ Availability score of 98.8% puts it 0.7 percentage points ahead of U Mobile, with Maxis following close behind. Yes is the sole winner of 5G Availability, with a score of 33.8% — U Mobile is in second place, scoring 8.8 percentage points lower than Yes. This means that our 5G users on Yes’ network spend 33.8% of their time on average with an active 5G connection.

Unifi stays top for Core Consistent Quality and draws level with Digi for Excellent Consistent Quality

Unifi remains in first place for Core Consistent Quality, staying the sole winner of this award since its introduction to Malaysian mobile network operator reports. The operator scores 86.2% — 2.4 percentage points above second-placed Digi, and 3.3 percentage points ahead of Celcom, which finishes third. Unifi shares the winners’ podium for Excellent Consistent Quality with Digi, an award that Digi previously held by itself. The pair have statistically level scores of 65.5-65.9%, putting them around 8.2 percentage points ahead of third-placed Maxis.

Maxis wins the overall Video Experience outright

Maxis now enjoys an outright win for overall Video Experience — an award it previously shared with Digi. Maxis scores 60.2 points on a 100-point scale, 0.8 points above second-placed Celcom. Digi and Unifi share third place with statistically tied scores of 57.3-57.8 points, while U Mobile and Yes come fifth and sixth, respectively.

Mobile network experience report Malaysia

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