Mobile payment services in Taiwan are rapidly going international

LINE Pay Taiwan and iPASS Corporation have announced a collaboration with LINE Pay Japan, Rabbit LINE Pay (Thailand), Naver Financial (Korea), and NHN PAYCO (Korea) to launch cross-border payment services.

Titled the “Cross-Border Mobile Payment Alliance,” the collaboration will allow people from Japan, Korea and Thailand to use their local mobile payment services when in Taiwan, with the aim of launching operations in the first quarter of 2020. By connecting the payment ecosystems around the regions, more than 78 million users will be able to enjoy the convenience of cashless payments in a wide range of fields, including accommodation, dining, shopping and transportation, while merchant partners will gain a significantly larger user base and related business opportunities. LINE Pay Taiwan is also planning to expand the number of partners in the future, enabling users from more countries to benefit from the alliance.

To improve the user experience, LINE Pay has launched a new app offering users a faster, easier payment experience, along with a new logo.

LINE Pay Taiwan and iPASS Corporation’s joint service, “LINE Pay iPASS Account,” which launched in 2018, has officially changed its name to “LINE Pay Money”, making the service name easier to understand and better reflecting user needs. Taiwan users will also be able to use LINE Pay Money for cross-border payment services outside of Taiwan in the partnering services’ countries.

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