Most people believe in UFOs, but are they actually aliens?

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UFOs are in the spotlight. The classified reports of sightings in the US are about – we are told – to be published by the Government. At least some of them.

A recent poll by Twitter Influencer Evan Kirstel points to over three quarters of people believing in UFOs.

Obviously, there is the argument that people who read technology-based tweets like science fiction more than people who like knitting but a sample of over a thousand people cannot be totally ignored.

The question is: just because they are unidentified, are they definitely aliens paying us a visit?

Sightings of UFOs are not new. Depending on how you read ancient texts and scriptures, encounters with ‘flying objects’ are relatively common. And sightings seem to come in waves. There was great enthusiasm about 20 years ago, and we were convinced that we were on the brink of some ‘big reveal.’ This, of course, was amplified by iconic films such as ET and Close Encounters.

As we approach the moment when the US Government reveals more of what it knows about UFOs, more and more senior people are openly commenting on the phenomenon.

President Barack Obama has publicly acknowledged that ‘something strange is going on,’ a respected scientist has written about the strange ‘comet’ ‘Oumuamua and believes that it cannot have occurred naturally. Ergo it is probably a probe from an alien civilisation.

Talking of alien civilisations, a senior intelligence officer in Israel recently announced that an alien federation has been in touch but wanted to wait until we are ready before saying ‘hello.’

Perhaps, now, we are ready.

Last year a respected astronaut went further, saying that aliens have been living amongst us for years.

Then there are the visitations. UFOs crashing near schools in Zimbabwe, backed up by pictures painted by the children and descriptions of short creatures with straight black hair and big eyes. Similar events occurred in other places worldwide, from the UK to Australia, many of them examined and reported by respected journalists.

On the other hand, the explanation for UFOs could be advanced technology from another nation-state. This rather begs the question that if they have technology that advanced, why haven’t they used it to wallop through our defences and claim Earth as their own?

Another explanation is that we know so little about our planet that what is unexplained is merely that. Unexplained.

Some even believe that aliens are humans from the future who have come back in time to fix things. Given the last year, they could have done a better job.

Whatever the next month or so reveals about UFOs may be fascinating. But it is also likely to be equally frustrating as all it will reveal is more fuzzy footage of strange craft whizzing through the sky like, say, someone clever with a laser beam.

Aliens living amongst us
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  1. A Greek Shepherd who also believes in UFOs thought that just because they haven’t killed us, doesn’t mean they don’t have nefarious goals. He said, like himself, he loves his flock, takes good care of them, etc, but when it’s time to eat one of them, he will. So he asked if possibly the UFOs we see are sort of the “sheepdogs” of the aliens keeping an eye on us to make sure we don’t go too far out from the flock…..

  2. @alex, yes definitely….. Waiting for the DoD report from the Pentagon on the UFO/UAPs being seen… Will be interesting to hear their findings.

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