MWC17: Telstra taps Ericsson for 5G, IoT and cloud transformation projects

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Telstra said on Sunday it has selected Ericsson to supply equipment for several key programs supporting Telstra’s planned network transformation roadmap, to include nationwide optical network transformation and expansion, 5G NR trials, a media delivery cloud and what Telstra claims will be Australia’s largest IoT network.

Under the agreement announced in Barcelona ahead of MWC17, Ericsson will execute an optical rollout plan spanning three years to expand Telstra’s long haul, metro and regional optical networks. That plan calls for Ericsson to supply, install and integrate next-gen of converged packet-optical solutions from Ciena that will be designed to support critical IoT and 5G traffic, along with cloud and media services.

On the 5G front, Ericsson, Telstra and Qualcomm Technologies will conduct interoperability testing and an over-the-air field trial based on the expected 5G NR specifications being developed by 3GPP.

Telstra also said it intends to extend the Ericsson cloud platform deployment to include a media-optimized cloud specially configured to carry dedicated broadcast media workloads to help support broadcasters in their shift toward use of IP processing for broadcast content.

Telstra will also leverage its “IoT-enabled” nationwide mobile network to deploy Cat M1 functionality across Australia, which will enable the telco to deploy a range of IoT applications quickly and flexibly. To that end, Telstra and Ericsson have commenced localized Cat-M1 trials in Melbourne and Tasmania. Device partners in the Tasmanian trial are Sierra Wireless, Altair and Bosch.

“These projects lay the foundations of the program we described in October 2016 and provide the foundation for Telstra’s Network of the Future program,” said Mike Wright, Telstra’s Group Managing Director of Networks. “Our expanded optical network will support important emerging network capabilities such as IoT, 5G and enhanced media delivery. And our move to virtualization through the Telco and Media Cloud projects will enable us to deliver our customers unique and differentiated services to meet their personal and business needs.”

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