200 Myanmar villages visited to support digital literacy

Internet 1O1 Van in Thongwa Township, Yangon. Image courtesy Facebook.

Two vans, provided by Ooredoo and Facebook, will travel to more than 200 villages in Myanmar over a 100-day period to help educate people about how to stay safe online and how to be responsible digital citizens. This partnership between Ooredoo Myanmar and Facebook will cover 200 villages over a 100-day period, and aims to reach 1,000 people daily, especially in rural and difficult to reach areas of Myanmar. 

The “Internet 1O1” (Internet One on One) program was launched earlier this year in Myanmar, making it the first country in the world where this program was unveiled. Internet 1O1 gives people key information about the internet through one-on-one training. It aims to reach people who are new to the internet and to teach them about it through a short video which offers tips, including on password security and the many benefits of the internet, for example: staying in touch with friends and families and searching for jobs. 

Trainers on the van will help to educate people on digital literacy. They will also be given assistance to upgrade their Facebook App and help with the transition to Unicode. 

  1. Digital literacy 
  2. App Upgrade 
  3. Help people to transition to Unicode 

One of the biggest barriers to connectivity in Myanmar is a lack of digital literacy. This initiative has guided people on responsible internet use and allows people to ask our trained representatives questions about the internet, and how to use it in a safe and responsible manner. 

Part of this digital education program has included in-store training at exclusive Ooredoo retail points across the country. This digital literacy program reached more than 300,000 people in Myanmar in September, after it was launched in June. 

“In Myanmar, around 21 million people are using the internet, according to GSMA Intelligence data. Myanmar has leapfrogged in terms of digital transformation. Digital literacy among citizens is very important for them to utilize the internet responsibly and safely. Ooredoo is teaming up with Facebook to spread digital literacy in hard to reach rural areas to enhance the digital lives of citizens. We hope that the launch of these two roving vans will help to educate more people and enable them to have a safe, and positive, internet experience,” said U Tint Naing Htut, Head of Corporate Communications of Ooredoo Myanmar. 

“We recognize that people in Myanmar use the internet to interact with the world around them, and to communicate with loved ones, regardless of whether they are from a village or a city. Giving them the opportunity to learn about tools and tips to stay safe online is, therefore, key to ensuring that they have a positive, and safe, online experience. I am really proud that we are able to bring Internet 1O1 to people in rural areas to empower them with the basic skills they need to get more value from the internet,” said Khoe Reh, Head of Public Policy, Myanmar, Facebook.

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