Myths, challenges and solutions in broadcast security today and tomorrow

broadcast security myths

The most significant risk in today’s digital video world, as in any other sector, is standing still. To keep moving forward, a host of issues will keep managers awake at night, and security will be at the top of the list.

One of the challenges in formulating the right roadmap is to navigate whatever the future may hold. Still, industry myths and hype do not help. To take advantage of interactive, two-way and app-based services, you have to reinvent your network completely. What’s more, vendor support for early versions of digital video broadcasting (DVB) standards may be discontinued, and previous versions of cardless security are only suitable for low volume operators.

These are all myths.

However, content owners are indeed becoming tougher on content security. And hybrid, two-way, interactive services are undoubtedly a massive opportunity for networks. It is also true that the vast majority of content is one-way and will remain so for some time to come. However, one-way networks can be made more cost-effective, easier-to-implement and deliver an improved end-user experience today.

The question is how we get there from here, without the daunting prospect of an expensive and risky transition to a new security platform.

There are ways, says Verimatrix, in its eBook on the myths and realities of broadcast security. There are hybrid solutions that make it unnecessary to risk ‘big bang’ transformations. There are cardless solutions that allow operators to adopt a “cap-and-grow” approach to introduce more advanced set-boxes while phasing out legacy set-tops over time.

There are also pre-integrated solutions that allow for rapid certification by third-party partners, that reduce time to market. There are new, OPEX-based models for cardless security options, allowing operators to balance CAPEX and OPEX and leverage subscription-based services with usage-based ones.

Vendors are not standing still either, far from it. As Martin Bergenwall, a senior VP at Verimatrix says, “now that cardless security has become the standard for broadcast networks, we have invested in this completely new security solution that sets a higher standard for scaling capabilities, even for the largest network.” For operators who have invested in long term hardware and infrastructure, this can only be good news.

While the evolution will continue rapidly towards more and more interactivity and app-based content, the journey does not have to be as daunting as you think. The important thing is that your journey continues at pace to keep that competitive advantage.

Verimatrix is hosting a webinar with ABS-CBN and Telecentro to dispel myths, explore truths and discuss how to address the security challenges – without losing sleep! To register, click here.

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