Nationalux plans to launch AR music platform for Hololens

Nationalux AR music streaming
Image credit: Nationalux

The Nationalux Research Center says it is making plans to launch what it is billing as the first augmented reality (AR) music service platform utilizing Microsoft Hololens.

Nationalux said the AR music service platform can recognize album covers, posters, QR codes and other images via mobile or Microsoft Hololens. The platform can also analyze the frequency of downloaded or streamed MP3s to deliver a more powerful and spectacular sound compared to previous stereo files.

The platform can upmix the files to various audio signals such as the 5.1-7.1 channel and distinguish the direction, volume and time-lag of the files. In addition, sound can be controlled by a simple touch or a hand motion for various sound effects.

Previous multi-channel audio files can also be delivered or played through the platform.

This technology of 5 million songs

The AR music streaming service platform is scheduled to be launched in August simultaneously on Android, iOS and Hololens, initially with a library of 5 million songs. Customers who use Hololens to access the platform will be able to sign up for sound upgrades and premium benefits.

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