NEC, Netcracker and friends to build 5G SDN/NFV platform for Malaysia

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NEC Corporation of Malaysia and Netcracker Technology will collaborate with Red Hat, Juniper Networks and Dell EMC to offer an end-to-end multivendor 5G-ready virtualization platform for service providers and enterprises in Malaysia.

The partnership aims to establish a full service SDN/NFV solution, leveraging on NEC/Netcracker’s Ecosystem 2.0 Program, that can help service providers and enterprises speed up the launch of new enterprise services – potentially reducing the rollout time by up to 70%.

The 5G-ready virtualization platform from NEC/Netcracker comprises Netcracker’s Hybrid Operations Management offering, business enablement applications, and NEC/Netcracker’s virtualization development and operations center and multilayer SDN controller.

It also includes Red Hat OpenStack Platform, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution designed to enable telcos to create modern infrastructure; Juniper’s NFV networking services platform which integrates physical and virtual elements, enabling enterprises the flexibility to deploy scalable, secure and high-performing networks with a simple and open architecture;  and Dell’s EMC NFV solution engineered on its PowerEdge platform.

“Around the world we are seeing service providers in the US, South Korea, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey, Japan and China upgrading their network infrastructure in preparation to offer 5G communications services which are imminent,” said Chong Kai Wooi, managing director of NEC Corporation of Malaysia. “Commercializing such services, including the massive connectivity of people, transportation, objects and cities, is expected to take off in the next two to three years.”

Chong said that to stay competitive in a global economy, service providers and enterprises in Malaysia will eventually have the need to adapt to 5G technologies. “With our SDN/NFV 5G-ready solution, companies will be able to speed up the time-to-market for their potential communications services and/or any applications that run on 5G technology, improve cost efficiency and have the ability to offer new, revenue generating-services.”

“As the industry moves quickly towards 5G technology, getting the management and orchestration environment right is critical to enable new IoT use cases requiring dynamic network slicing,” added Aloke Tusnial, CTO of SDN/NFV at Netcracker.

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