NEC/Netcracker, Infinera and Juniper release automated transport SDN

NEC and Netcracker
Credit: Titima Ongkantong/

NEC and Netcracker Technology have announced a partnership with Infinera and Juniper Networks to release a new transport SDN solution that enables end-to-end network automation and control.

The new solution leverages Infinera’s intelligent transport networks, Juniper’s capabilities in IP/MPLS, physical/virtual network functionality and domain orchestration, and NEC/Netcracker’s multilayer control and service orchestration, as well as NEC’s network transport products.

The result, NEC/Netcracker says, is a transport SDN solution that provides full visibility across all IP, optical and microwave domains, including SDN and traditional network environments, optimizes network utilization and automates service provisioning and path restoration.

“Service providers need a master transport SDN solution that optimizes network traffic and automates configuration to maximize performance across all transport layers,” said Shigeru Okuya, senior vice president at NEC.

NEC/Netcracker says the solution enables network transformations that intelligently adapt to the dynamic requirements of end users with the ability to carve out network slices for specific services end-to-end. This makes it possible to accommodate changing traffic patterns and on-demand customer requests, deliver an improved customer experience and produce significant cost savings by optimizing capacity usage.

Additionally, service providers can use the solution to automate their network service infrastructure so they can focus their resources on expanding revenue opportunities while optimizing service costs.

NEC/Netcracker, Infinera and Juniper demonstrated the joint solution as part of the Optical Interworking Forum/Open Networking Foundation (OIF/ONF) Transport API project, where the participants executed a multidomain path selection and recovery test plan with intra-lab and inter-lab testing across multiple global carrier labs, including both Verizon’s and Telefónica’s.

In the demo, NEC/Netcracker’s multilayer SDN controller used the new Transport API defined by the ONF to communicate with Juniper’s NorthStar controller at Verizon’s lab and Infinera’s Xceed optical SDN domain controllers at Telefónica’s lab. Meanwhile, NEC/Netcracker’s Service Orchestration solution created and managed Ethernet point-to-point private services across multiple vendors and multiple operators’ domains.

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