NetEase Cloud Music app approved for Apple’s CarPlay in China

Chinese music app NetEase Cloud Music has announced that the latest edition of the app will fully support Apple’s intelligent in-vehicle infotainment system, CarPlay, becoming one of China’s first third-party apps to run on the system.

When sitting in a car equipped with Carplay, users can connect their iPhones to the in-vehicle infotainment system through the central console with a USB cable and their iPhones will automatically enter the CarPlay mode.

When the app is connected, the NetEase Cloud Music icon will be displayed on the main screen of CarPlay. The touch screen of the console allows drivers to control the app easily, providing them with a safer and more convenient way to enjoy music while driving.

Although the majority of music apps worldwide that already support CarPlay focus on local music, NetEase says its app delivers more features to users when it runs on the CarPlay system, maintaining its unique features and highlighting the personalized recommendation experience.

NetEase says Cloud Music is one of the only two Chinese partners in the online music field that have been approved by Apple for CarPlay.

Compared with Kugou, a music app that dates back to 2004, and QQ Music that followed in 2005, NetEase Cloud Music, launched in 2013, is, by comparison, a latecomer to the market, but NetEase says it continues to maintain strong growth, thanks to the flagship and the music service’s consistent focus on the user’s experience.

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