Netflix unveils localized user interface for customers in Thailand

netflix thailand

Netflix announced it has developed a fully localized user interface for its service in Thailand, complete with Thai subtitles and dubbing for thousands of hours of TV shows and films, including Netflix original programming.

This follows the announcement earlier this year that Netflix signed a partnership agreement with Thai cellco AIS.

With the first month free trial and a subsequent monthly subscription fee starting at 280 baht (around $8.00), Netflix members can access a wide variety of series and films, from Netflix original series like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black to US, European and Asian films and series, plus documentaries and a wide range of programs for kids. New Netflix original series and films are made available around the world at the same time, with all episodes available to watch at once.

“We are delighted to offer a more local Netflix experience in Thailand where members can enjoy a variety of TV shows and movies – everything from globally popular Netflix original series to anime, kids content to Korean drama,” said Jessica Lee, VP of Communications, Asia, at Netflix.

Apart from the language localization, members will also have access to exclusive series and films in Ultra HD 4K and HDR.

Netflix can be accessed on over 1,000 internet-connected devices, and people in Thailand can try Netflix for free for one month by signing up at

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