New AR experiences in SEA amplify creative possibilities for brands

AR experiences
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Verizon Media has announced the launch of new augmented reality (AR) experiences in Southeast Asia (SEA) with innovative formats, features, and apps that will give brands the power to engage with consumers in 3D. The launch is part of Verizon’s growing work on tomorrow’s technologies such as 5G and extended reality (XR).

Brands can tap new AR formats and features to engage a growing online audience as we transition to a 3D world.

With countries in SEA rolling out 5G networks and audiences expanding as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes more people online, Verizon Media’s new AR experiences will allow brands to activate AR in multiple ways, from innovative and interactive ad formats to immersive editorial and branded content.

Focusing on the user, new AR feature uses
facial recognition to overlay face filters,
paint or accessories

AR is changing the way we communicate and engage with audiences, whether through editorial content or advertising with AR-powered ads and branded content. Brands and advertisers can leverage new AR formats that are launched through native ad formats such as Native Tile ads; Pencil, which is available on Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance apps; and Moments, a premium, full-screen, native ad format that has been popular with advertisers and users. AR experiences can offer tremendous utility at a time when brick and mortar stores are shut and social distancing is recommended, by allowing customers to visualise, virtually try on and buy products.

Consumers can also expect immersive and interactive storytelling experiences with editorial AR. Branded content AR will also be enhanced with the new ad formats and features available. In addition, the state-of-the-art Yahoo Studio in Singapore will have AR capabilities powered by cutting-edge technologies that allow for AR projection and recording in livestream videos on Yahoo TV.

Consumers can place up to 5 objects
in real surroundings at the same time

New features launched as part of the AR Experiences include facial recognition features, Face Paint and Face Accessories, a 5-object carousel that allows multi-object placement, and a save and share AR feature. With these, brands can overlay face paints, objects, and accessories on users via the selfie or forward-facing camera, and even put a chair, lamp, table, vase, and cupboard all at the same time on one screen, so users see how these objects look in a given environment.

With the transition from a 2D to a 3D world, and 5G city-wide networks soon to come in SEA, brands will be able to stand out with richer, immersive, and engaging experiences through the new AR experiences. The new AR formats and features, which will reach audiences through Verizon Media’s premium and brand safe apps and web properties, will also empower more brands to engage consumers meaningfully online in the current challenging climate.

Cutting-edge immersive solutions, combined with high-quality 3D artistry with targetable premium ad scale, creates a canvas of endless possibilities.

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