A new superhighway in our solar system could be our way out

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Scientists have recently discovered a superhighway in our solar system that can increase the speed we could travel through space exponentially. Discovered largely because of the massive gravitational pull exerted by Jupiter, scientists have realised that ‘arches’ exist that pull objects through space much faster than we thought.

Obviously, the discovery of a superhighway in our solar system makes you think of Vogons and our Earth being destroyed to make way for a galactic superhighway they were building (and if you haven’t read the plans it isn’t our fault).

Having digested the idea of a superhighway not far away and being conscious that we are now in the presence of a Galactic Federation (which is, perhaps, leaving us messages in the form of monoliths) you begin to see some pieces coming together to produce something either ludicrous or perfect, depending where you stand on the scale of ‘weird’. And, let’s face it, this year has increased our tolerance for weird exponentially.

Add a black hole or two to the superhighway and Galactic Federation combo, and something else clicks into place.

We know, or think we know, that you can travel through a black hole. We just don’t know – yet – where (or when) you would emerge. Some descriptions of black holes liken them to paper being folded. You fold paper, push something sharp through it, and you do not exit ‘next door’ but at the other end of the paper.

The problem with a black hole is that you have gone really quite quickly to get through one ‘safely’. According to Prof. Hawking, you have to go faster than the speed of light, which is quick.

So, imagine if Elon Musk, say, could come up with a spaceship that could withstand some serious pressure, and we could get that slingshot around Jupiter and somehow throw us into a black hole. We could end up tumbling into the inner court of some Galactic Federation or other, who were just on their way to visit (but not disturb).

It turns out that there could be a black hole in our solar system as well. A tiny one, about the size of a grapefruit that is messing with some celestial objects in a black holey kind of way.

Although there is likely to be a little difficulty with scale and fitting through said black hole, maybe this is an answer to the vast distances we need to travel to explore our galaxy properly.

All we need is a little consultancy and guidance from the Galactic Federation, a decent slingshot, a small black hole and we’re outta here.

Who knows, it may turn out that the superhighway they just found is actually the on-ramp to the Galactic Highway that will take us to the centre of the galaxy.

Let’s give it a try.

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